Birth Doula Packages and Prices

My birth doula packages

What happens before and after you choose your preferred doula package

  • After your enquiry and subject to my availability, we will arrange a zoom meeting so that we can get a feel for each other and if we will work well together.
  • Some people feel confident enough to book my services with just the zoom meeting but if you feel that you would like a no obligation face to face meeting, I am happy to do this when it suits you.
  • Once booked I am yours. We will meet two more times before your due date, for the birth and once post birth; I will be available via email, WhatsApp or phone and provide you access to my Doula Padlet (an online platform where I share information).
  • From 10 days before your due date and until your baby is born, I am on call 24/7 to support you through your labour, birth and the first few hours of parenthood.

Package 1 (Essential)

Initial zoom and face to face:

  • Our zoom and/or our face-to-face meeting gives you, your partner (if you have one) and I time to see if we feel comfortable with each other and ask questions. I look to develop a strong connection with you on our journey through trust, empathy, and an unbiased, non- judgmental perspective. I understand that working together to meet your individual needs, whatever the birth setting (homebirth, or hospital) or type of birth (vaginal, VBAC or caesarean), helps make an already wonderful experience more empowering.

Between our first and second meeting I will ask you to complete a questionnaire which helps me understand more about you, your partner, your family, and your feelings around your birth.

  • In our second meeting we will go through the questionnaire together. My aim is to ensure that all women and their birth partners feel prepared, included, and supported and provide evidence-based information so that you can make your own informed decisions. I am passionate about you having autonomy over your birth, that you feel that your voices are heard, and we will explore how we can work together to help you advocate for yourself to achieve this. We will also explore the female pelvis and the journey your baby will make to be born.

Between our second and third meetings I will provide you with templates to use should you wish to write down your birth preferences.

  • In our third meeting we will go through your birth preferences, led by your hopes, dreams and past experiences. We will explore all options available, as my aim is to enable you to make your birth as empowering and fulfilling as it can be. We will all practice guided breathing techniques, massage, visualisation, and affirmations, and explore various labour and birth positions and techniques so your partner and I can form continuous support during labour. We will also finalise the practicalities for the birth (hospital bag, planning when to call me and the journey to the hospital if you are not having your baby at home).
  • The next time we are together is when you are in labour. My overarching aim is to support with care, comfort and calmness. Create a safe and protected environment which will help to maintain an oxytocin-fuelled sacred space and enable you to feel in control throughout labour and birth. Once your new baby has arrived, I will be there to ensure that you feel settled and comfortable and will be on hand to help with achieving skin to skin, the first feed and provide any information on taking care of yourself and your baby as your postnatal journey into parenthood begins.
  • Our fourth meeting will be in the first two weeks after the birth. This is a time for reflection on your experience and a de-brief which brings my recollections and you and your partners together to form a full picture of the birth of your precious baby.

Package 2 (Elite)

All of the above, plus:

  • 1 biomechanics one hour session from week 34 of your pregnancy along with a bespoke plan, 1 follow up zoom meeting and continuous WhatsApp support. 
  • Accompany you to your 36-38 week birth preferences antenatal appointment at your chosen hospital (or at home).
  • 2 x 45 minute zoom sessions covering caring for your newborn or 2 x 45 minute feeding support sessions postnatally. 
  • Alternatively a bespoke package can be designed to suit your needs on request. 

If you would like more information on pricing (payment plans can be accommodated) & availability. Please get in contact.

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